Unleashing Opportunities Down Under: English is Your Magic Key

Australia is gradually turning into a land of abundant opportunities, not only for international students from Asia, India, and Europe but increasingly for Latin Americans. More and more Latinos are seen flexing their professional muscles in Australian companies. However, the big roadblock to this fulfilling journey is the lack of fluent English. This is mainly because, in Latin American countries, the education system doesn’t emphasize a second language in public education, and speaking a second language is more of a privilege than a necessity. This is starkly different from other parts of the world, even in Asia and Africa, where we have long assumed that education was on par with Latin America, which is not the case.

It is vital that our countries craft policies that encourage our youth to speak a second language from childhood and make it a part of everyday life in universities and companies, as it is in India. This not only flings wide the doors for a country to bolster its overseas commercial opportunities but also provides an opportunity for all those who migrate to English-speaking countries to access education without linguistic barriers and to unfold and showcase all their professional potential. Although it is not too late for this generation, it will always be a challenge that we must tackle with courage and determination.

When migrating, it’s crucial to learn the language, take English courses, and expand your social circle. Yet, that’s not enough. You must rewire your brain, a challenge for the close-knit Latin community, to think situationally in English, enjoy podcasts, series, and music in English, and crucially, overcome the fear or embarrassment of a strong accent and being misunderstood. This is essential for gaining confidence and starting this incredible journey. The result? The world opens up, offering a universe of possibilities to interact with people worldwide, regardless of their origin. Even in German, French, Italian, or Portuguese-speaking countries, English is a common communication medium, and that is beautiful.

Forge ahead with your dreams of opening up your world and do not leave English for later; start now.

By Diego Pachon

Product Manager Go Ahead Study


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